Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{whole food} :: new life

I posted about our little backyard farm a couple of months ago, and I've taken pictures time and again, with the intent to show the progress as we went. For a while, that was an extremely boring endeavor. But, we kept at it, and with a little help from some rain and temperature pops...WHAMMO...something new happens every day.

It turns out this little farming thing goes way deeper than growing your own food.

I believe that God gave us the duty to work the land with our hands, and to try to be self-sufficient. But, as with every child, the older I get, the more I realize that His instructions to me are not simply face value. As it turns out...this works out heavily in the realm of cultivation. I realize a new metaphor every single day as we do this. In order to bear fruit, we have to be vigilant, consistent, patient, gentle, caring, nurturing...we have to do the physical act of all that it takes to cultivate a spirit, a relationship, a child...a healthy body. We sweat, we ache some, we talk about what's best, we pray, we thank encompasses all the effort it takes to make a life full and real.

I want the best tasting food, from the best possible source, in the best possible way. That takes work...


So, I give you the food...soon to be nourishment to our bodies...currently, the unexpected nourishment for our souls.

{our flamboyant squash blossom}

{the undercover San Marzanos}


{unruly lettuce}

{banana peppers!}

{random prodigal spinach}

{our first color...I can't wait!}

{more tomatoes}

{more lettuces and carrot rows}

{the view from the end}

Thanks, Lord...what will You show me today?


  1. Oh porn! I can't even get close to my garden right now so I'm going to live vicariously through you! Your garden is absolutely beautiful, all tidy and green!

    We had a dry spell about 2 weeks ago and were able to till the 'spring garden' and plant some peas and onions. And *I think* it's rained/stormed/flooded every day since then. At least the rain is preventing any late season frosts that normally sting my fruit trees :) Welcome to springtime in Ohio.

  2. Oh man! I'm very thankful to live in Texas. We seem to have it the easiest down here, on so many levels:) I'll be praying for your bounty as well!

  3. thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. i love the way you write... or think... b/c you obviously just write as you think. i do the same thing. and your garden is amazing!!!!!! holy cow.



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