Thursday, April 28, 2011

{whole home} :: woolen dryer balls

As we have journeyed away from harmful chemicals, I had pretty much everything covered... except for the dryer sheet issue. It didn't really dawn on me for a while, that those would leave harmful residue on our clothing and skin. So, imagine my surprise when I was reading a valued blog one day, and realized that I had missed a biggie! Functional though they may be, those suckers are heavy-laden with chemicals and toxins. I was at a loss as to what to do.

So, for a few months, I tried the "nothing" approach. Just the dryer. Well, that was miserable. I'm not a fan of static fact, it makes me a little furious. Sooo...after much ado, I found woolen dryer balls. (thank you, Google) Of course, the minute I discovered them, they just came out of the wood works and everyone was talking about them...I mean...where had I been?

I have to tell you, I was pretty skeptical, because the claims on these things were kind of unreal...
  • they cut your drying time by 25%
  • they last for up to 10 years
  • they reduce static cling
  • you can add essential oils if you want scent
  • no all
I doubted it, but I bought some anyway.

Well...I'll gladly eat my hat, because these things work, and I can now do the happy pants dance! So, that's it...$16 for a set of 4, that I just leave in my dryer...and voila!! They do everything they say they static, no toxins, and I'll be doggoned if they don't cut my drying time significantly.

Is there anything negative about them?...well, if you just need something, Eeyore...I occasionally have to unroll them from the end of my sheets. So, there...if you're bound and determined to have a catch, there it is.

Thank you handmade, people driven, community oriented business!

{these have been used for about 4 months, now}

I got mine here. Happy ball shopping:)


  1. Aleisha! 2 things: 1) so much fun seeing you post three times in the last 3're on a roll! 2) did you clean the inside of your dryer so you could take that picture? because, it looks like you cleaned your dryer for the picture. I mean, mine is 10 years old, but I don't think mine looked that clean when I bought it ;).
    Good to see how you guys are doing! Take care as you guys wrap up the semester.

  2. Ha!! It's lighting..all lighting:) I am working really hard to try and get things written. I had been having a good bout with writer's block, but then decided I was thinking too hard about it, and I needed to just write what I was doing:) Sometimes you can paralyze yourself trying to make something more or different than what it is, you know?

    Practical finals are behind me, already, and I have 5 written finals...then done!:) I know you'll do well, also!



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