Sunday, May 15, 2011

{whole me} :: a few bones to pick

This is going to be a fairly random, list-like post of some things that have been picking away at me. I really just want someone to agree with me, if I'm being really honest. the spirit of getting things out of my head...I'm going to put them down here:)

I'm really not trying to be negative, but rather extend a commentary that negates negativity in a way that may come across negatively? ....No? I thought I take a stab.:

1. Even though it's old news, I'm annoyed by the people who were spouting off righteous indignation immediately after hear that OBL had finally been killed. I had a pretty heavy gut reaction to that event, and found myself sobbing with relief, over something I didn't realize I had much feeling about. About 5 minutes into it, people were already yammering on about how we need not unite over hate, and how we need not celebrate a person's death. Ok...I get it. However, I would like to put out a call to give it 24 hours, before we start in on that stuff. In the was a visceral reaction from way down deep. For me, it was a stunning reaction to the death of the architect of the moment that switched the pathos of my country's existence from light to dark; the one who made the day happen that tinged all days after it in a shade of fear. It was the day when I all of a sudden didn't let myself look too far in the future. So, yeah...I understand that we need to rise above. But, we have been a nation in mourning for almost 10 years, now. It stands to reason that there would be a strong reaction to the death of the murderer who got that ball rolling. Balanced and rational people will always pull it together...but, give the self-righteous B.S. a rest until the news has settled...that's all I'm asking.

2. One of my pro-choice friends said something to me, a few months ago, that rang a bell in me, that I was only recently able to identify. She said "it astounds me that pro-lifers are so ready to execute someone on death row...aren't they supposed to value life? It doesn't make any sense." Well...back atcha! It's amazing to me that pro-choicers are so ready to murder innocent babies, but are all up in arms about saving people who have chosen to take someone else's life, and be brutal criminals. Why are they more valuable than babies? (By the way...though I am pro-life, I'm not pro-capital punishment...which is why it took me a while to pinpoint what annoyed me about that statement.)

3. I read a review about Water For Elephants. Basically, it said..."yeah, the movie was beautiful, and the actors did a good job...but, it wasn't abstract, it was predictable, it was banal." Well, Boo. Isn't it OK to go to the movies to escape the unpredictability of life and to bask in the beauty and romance of a movie that may be corny, but also just heart-felt entertainment? Why must we downplay the intelligence of the movie, not to mention the movie-watcher, simply because the conversation wouldn't be long in a film class breakdown? I don't always go to the movies to have to decipher and write a dissertation. Get with the spirit, peeps.

4. I really want one of the people that are running the machine to do something just because it's right...not because it gets them votes or profit or gain. Even though I'll fight it until my dying day...I really just wish to wake up and not worry about the mutation of life. I love living this pisses me off that everyone can't feel the same.

Truly...I'm not sad, or in a bad mood...I kind of just have this "Hey! Stop pissin' all over the parade!" feeling.
I read this quote the other day on Dig this Chick. It resonated with me:

"I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day." E.B. White

So...moral of the post? Can we please just lighten up?


  1. I wrote my own post, in a similar vein as your thoughts above, about OBL but days later I was still so angry that I just took it down. I'm from a military family so...Love that last quote.

  2. I'm with you. My husband is a vet...and, I understood what everyone was saying. However, I just wish that people could just let it be for at least the first few hours. Just try to understand people, instead of policing every single move that anyone makes, just so that one can appear more enlightened or know? Eww...I'm over the reaction, and I don't think we need to make a national holiday out of it, or anything, but it seems like there is a sect of people out there who make it their mission to defend people who do evil things, but really hate those who have a set of Christianity. The majority of them are so indignant about people imposing their views on others...yet, can NOT WAIT for a chance to do it, themselves. Blah...I could go on an on:(

  3. hi, i was refereed here by a friend of yours. i'm looking to move and she said you've traveled all over the country, i said i need green and she said that was your thing! i'm looking into new england, washington state, and oregon and hoped you wouldn't mind sharing your experience/knowledge with me. i can't travel to all these places so i'm asking everyone i can who has been there what they think.

  4. Hi, Patricia! Well, I lived in New England when I was young...Maine to be exact. We loved it there, most of the time...but, the winters are very harsh. That was something my family didn't take very well to, so they headed back to Texas. My husband, son, and I all took a 10 week road trip last spring through Arizona, Cali, and the northwest. I have a love-hate relationship with the NW. I absolutely loved the natural state of everything there. That, too, is what I was seeking. However, we spent 4 weeks there without seeing the sun ONE time. As a result, I sort of caved in, emotionally. I found that, for me, that trumped the trees and mountains. It took on a trapping feeling, after a time. Apparently, that's a good majority of the circumstance there. I also found that the people were unfriendly...a bit troubling for someone who grew up in Texas. Although...I understood how it could happen. When I think back, there is a mix of feeling. While I yearn for the mentality of the artisan/green lifestyle, some things just made me feel like I was on a different, albeit beautiful, planet. All that being said...the food is unreal. I would be more than happy to share more specifics, if you will let me know exactly what kinds of things you are thinking about. Good luck!



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