Wednesday, March 17, 2010


That was Saturday. We prayed about our future, and asked God if there was any credibility to this wacko idea...that He would orchestrate it as only He can. Brandon had actually come home on Friday, to have a meeting with his bosses about his future with this company, after this project was over. Well...they missed it, and as of our infamous breakfast, we still had no idea. Over the course of the weekend, we found out about an internship, in Tennessee, for a biodynamic food farm. We realized that if we actually went on a trip, it could actually have an amazing purpose. Since watching the movie, Brandon has felt like maybe he has a calling to the food movement, as well. He is a horticulturist, after all. Our purpose in traveling could be to bring awareness to local & small farming, and help to push forward the Real Food Movement. We went to the Dallas farmer's market over the weekend, and then Monday morning, he went to the office again. Long story short...they told him they had no position for him, as soon as he was done. He was to be unemployed.


He went back out of town, directly after that meeting, and I went about my day. Late that afternoon...I got a phone call. From our landlord. She's selling the house. She and the realtor are coming the morning. I just laughed!


Well, the next day is when my aunt had Evan, and we high-tailed it to Lubbock. We ended up being there for nearly 2 weeks, and you all know what occurred there. This led to more and more reflection, and as we were driving out of Lubbock to come home, this past Sunday, I had my moment over the whole thing. The heartache that we endured over that trip, paled in comparison to the blessing we received from it. It was such a beautiful experience, and the presence of God was so very palpable! He was THERE! We could feel Him...every minute. Not only that, but there was a common theme about planting Evan's life as a seed, and allowing God to bring fruit from it. Those fruits were fast-bearing! So much miraculous healing happened through his life. For me, I couldn't help but be taken by the continuous symbolism...planting and bearing forth. As we drove out of town, I was looking out the window. There are miles of cotton fields...the kind where, when you pass them, the rows are so perfect they look like a long legged man running alongside the car. This scene is the backdrop to a lifetime of reflection for me. I have been making that drive back and forth for my entire life, and so much self-realization, celebration, and grieving have happened watching those fields go by. I knew...regardless of how weird things happen with us, that we always end up realizing the perfect will of God and that it always ends up being right.

There is freedom in surrender.

Well, we arrived home Sunday night, and my husband left again, for the last time. Monday evening, our landlord called again. They already have a contract on the house...and if all goes as planned...they want to close fast. Maybe as soon as 3 weeks. This morning, the inspector and potential buyer came. This is also strange, because we have been committed to our landlord for a 90 day term, but we were hoping to save that money, so that we could buy an RV, if that's what the Lord really had planned. (By the way, Brandon has been looking for a job, and there is NOTHING!) Well, if this whole thing pans out with this buyer...we won't even have to pay rent again.


So...that's where we are. Less than a month ago, we prayed what seemed like a silly prayer. As quick as we could stand it...God has pulled ALL of our roots from this ground. We don't have an RV, yet. We don't even know if it's possible. That's OK with us...we know He is faithful to us. As it stands right now, of Friday, we have no job. In a couple of weeks, we have no home. One without the other is questionable. We know enough about our Father to know that when He does this kind of thing, He has big plans. We are ABSOLUTELY fine with whatever He does! We really are. However, we aren't immune to the "Uhhhh...yikes! Anytime, now!" feeling. So, that's why I am spilling all this to you all. It seems kind of foolish to put our pipe dreams out there, and especially when they seem so strange. However, I feel like it will be interesting to have your involvement in prayer, and to let you in on the journey...and the subsequent answers:)

So, the only missing piece, is the RV. If God makes that happen, we'll be hittin' the road Jack! Sooo funny! If not, then hopefully, we'll have a job come along that will help us get where we need to go, and still allow us to promote the Real Food Movement in a very practical way. Please join us in prayer about this...and feel free to laugh at our life:) We do.


  1. A. Mazing. Truly. Greg and I will definitely be joining you guys in prayer about this scary, exciting, weird time in your lives.

  2. Thanks,Momar! You two have had a front row seat to most of our weirdness, huh?;) You both are a big part of it...He ministers to us, through your unfailing friendship and love for us! I love that.

  3. Aleisha,
    I just sat more or less open-mouthed, reading your latest life story. It is so crazy, it has to be God. I will be keeping you, Brandon and Jackson in my prayers. The in-between part is the really testing time, but I so sense that HE is with you every single step of the way. And so when you don't sense it, share it and let another carry that part of the faith burden for you. Like it's easy for me to believe God is at work in YOUR life. The struggles I have sometime is -- is He at work in MY life? That's when I need YOUR faith. Thus the need for the whole body of Christ. Luv Kay



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