Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's a Food Revolution!!!

Hey all...I want to encourage you to watch or set your DVR for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution tomorrow night on ABC! This is a groundbreaking show that I hope and pray will take aim at the mainstream to take stock of their food sources. Anything to get the word out on our country's food situation is something I am going to promote!

Jamie Oliver is an awesome chef, who has used his passion for food and fatherhood to completely change the landscape of the British school lunch line. Schools in Great Britain are now feeding their students nutritious food, and are not suffering huge financial setbacks! GASP!

Please support this show...I would be thrilled if the Neilsen ratings system was bombarded with viewership for this wonderful movement:)

Remember to pick something local to eat today. If possible, do as much grocery shopping at your nearest farmer's market this week...but, make sure they are actually a local farmer, and not a produce dealer:) I walked up to a dealer a couple of days ago, and asked her where in the world she got in-season blueberries this time of year...(for the record, blueberries are only supposed to be available June-July in this part of the country:). She told me "they're from Chili." Thanks anyway...I'll wait:)

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