Monday, August 2, 2010

Me Mondays: The Reinvention Strategy...Stage 2

Well, BOO! I'm pretty upset at how things are playing out, right now...with my blogging taking a real hit, as a result of working full time. We need to get a place, we need to get started on the next stage of our, I know what I'm doing is actually moving us forward. However, I have to tell really feels like I've gone backward. You know that holding pattern feeling?...I am actually moving us closer to our goal...yet, I'm not spending the hours of my day on the things that the goal entails. Does that make any sense? I mean...I'm sewing...not cooking. I'm cutting out cheerleading uniforms, instead of writing my blog...I'm not doing what I feel passionately about, yet I have to know that it's a means to an end. So...all that to say: it sucks, right now...because, I want to do nothing but think about food, and promote it to others, and go to farmer's markets, and go look for land...but, yet...I sew. I love my mom...and, I'm really thankful for the convenience of being able to make a paycheck...I just don't enjoy the sewing. Ok! Enough about that. Really I just intended to tell you all why I hadn't been very faithful with my writing.

So...onward and upward.

I've been RUNNING!!! What?! Yeah...that's right...running! This big girl is now officially a runner...and, I have to's not too shabby;) Part of the reason I didn't write much last week, was that I was exhausted. I could barely walk for most of the week...but, I'm bound and determined to get this, I kept running. I didn't get to run on Saturday...but, my run this morning was AWESOME! One of the major issues for me and running, has been the inability to, you know...BREATHE! I can hold my own on the legs...and I can deal with the joints and so forth...but, I loathe and despise sucking wind for all I'm worth. All last week, I worked on the rhythmic breathing pattern, but I could barely keep it together. I was really just hyperventilating in time:) But, this morning was a whole different story! It may seem trivial to someone else, who is not carrying around an extra 130 pounds...but, I was able to do my entire running cycle, this morning, and NOT ONCE did my breathing get the better of me! I got really tight in my calves...but, I stayed on top of the breathing! I was even able to control the speed of the rhythm! Yeah...I know...but, it's the small victories strung together, day to day, that will have me crossing the finish line of the Austin Marathon in February...hand in hand with Heather!! So...I celebrate!

Now...this week I'm going to concentrate on the eating. I have to be careful...because, I have to make sure that I'm not under-fueling for the runs. So, this week, I'm going to work on doing the small meals very consistently...maybe with a larger breakfast right after my run. I experienced a couple of major crashes within an hour or two of running, last week...and, that was NOT, my goal is to find something that serves a dual purpose for my body...both keeping me running, but also helping me to drop pounds.

Anyway - I didn't weigh and measure again, this morning...but, I can tell you with almost certainty that I didn't lose anything, yet. My appetite was huge last week, and I had a lot of trouble, my focus wasn't so great...but, I'm not going to focus on that. I'm going to allow my body to work into a more athletic mindset! It's amazing how quickly the body will begin to reverse itself, and get in step! I love the healing power!!

So...stats next week?

Happy Monday, All:)


  1. Hey Aleisha! I have been doing the couch to 5k for about 8 weeks now and I really like it. I'm running a 5k in Sept. in Addison! I'm up to running 25 minutes which is about 2 miles. Good Luck can do it!

  2. Hooray for you! It took me a whole year of just walking during the week before I started trying to jog. Now I get into the groove and love it. It still takes about a mile before I feel really good, but just like you said, small victories! So proud of you!

  3. Yeah for you!! What a wonderful goal to have - so proud of you!!



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