Monday, July 26, 2010

Me Mondays: The Reinvention Strategy...Stage I

So last week...yeah, I put it all out there. My sister was mortified:) I think it's funny though. I've spent a whole lot of time, trying to hide the truth about my body. I usually tell people that I have the opposite of anorexia...basically, I'm in denial about what I look like, and how healthy I am. But, hello?'s not like people can't tell that I'm fat! Believe me...when you have that mindset, it's no kismet, when you accidentally catch a glimpse of yourself in a full length mirror at a department store. I have gotten so good at avoiding mirrors, in order to continue my delusions, that it's like the naked-at-school dream, when I run into one of those danged mirror columns at the mall! It always takes me a second or two to realize that it's me!

Well, those days are over. Like a cat burglar, age has stolen my delusions from me, and I'm left with the all-too-real understanding of my ill-health. So, here we all know how much I weigh, and I have to do something about it. Besides all that...I can't necessarily go around talking about my passion for nutrition, sporting the poster body for processed food, now can I? Well, that's going to take some doing.

The Winds of Change
As of today, I'm going full throttle. I am going from not too much to a VERY full schedule. My best friend and I are beginning our Couch to 5k program, with the end result being a full marathon in Austin, next February. {hello...someone please send the white coats...I may have completely lost my stuff, this time} Go big, or go home, right? In my case, I could be "going home", either way:) Lord, help me...

The Prescription
I am going to concentrate on the new exercise schedule for the most part, this week, because I am also starting work full time, for my mom. Not only that, but, sometime in the next month, we are going to be moving, starting school, and beginning our child's illustrious sports career. (David Beckham, move over...this kid's going to be maj-a!) Anyway - I figure, if I'm going to reinvent myself...then I best do it, all the way. In order to make all of that possible, it's going to take some careful planning, self-discipline, and a pristine schedule, so it all runs smoothly. Sleep, hydration, and prayer are going to have to come center stage! that my body can restore itself, hydration so that I can have energy...and prayer, because well...did you read what I'm trying to do? I'm going to need guidance and mercy from above! I will add different aspects as the others become new life habits.

Paring Down
I really feel like I need to detox my body, but, I'm also a little concerned about biting off more than I can chew, at one time. So, I hope to maybe get a few pounds off, which will help, and concentrate on detoxing after I've gotten a head start. Is that backwards? I'm just going to listen to my body...because, I don't think it's a good idea to start a detox and a new running schedule at the same time. I know me...I don't do well while I'm detoxing. It's going to have to go in steps. So, to that end, I will work on portions, for now. I have had the greatest success, in the past, with eating 5-6 small meals a day. Being prepared is a huge part of being successful at that, because, if you don't know what you're going to eat ahead of time, and you wait until you're hungry...the right choice will NOT be made. That's like sticking a thirsty, newly recovering alcoholic in a bar, and expecting them to order water...probably not going to happen. It's the same concept...only the alcohol is food.

So, for now, that is Stage I. I have this really bad habit of doing the "all or nothing" dance...where, I make a plan, and if I deviate from it...then the whole thing goes in the toilet. I can't do that, anymore, so I'm going to do what I know I can, for that matter how it changes. I think the real key is going to be in the preparation. Having water on hand, getting up and starting my day in The Word, and meditating to set my mind to the tasks at hand. It's going to be very challenging...but, I either rise to the challenge...or I sink to the grave.

I think I'll rise;)

{i'm not posting stats, today, because there weren't any changes last week...only formulating my plan. so, I will begin next monday, and posts new stats, regularly.}

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  1. I can vouch for the thirsty, newly recovering alcoholic definitely NOT ordering water in a bar. SO not gonna happen. :)

    And you will rise, sweet friend. Because you're not really reinventing yourself... you're just finally believing God about who you really are, who you've been all along, and are acting on that belief.

    True, we may need the white coats for planning the masochistic marathon, but hey... who couldn't use a little crazy in their lives? :)



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