Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Me and My Blueberries

I realized, the other day, that my food cravings actually pattern seasonal fare. I'm thrilled about that, because as we move away from the industrialized food grid, we are going to be changing the way we see the availability of food. We will be trading in the availability of all foods at all times, for the more rewarding system of looking forward to certain times of the year when we can enjoy the tastiest and most nutrient dense version of foods we love, in large quantities.

Warning: Soapbox Sidebar... {What a novel concept...quantity and quality working in a synergistic, symbiotic way to create a feast of health and pleasure! If a big corporation was trying to achieve that level of productivity, they would hire a consultant for millions of dollars to teach them how to make that happen. Why? Because that kind of thing doesn't just happen as a result of human nature or chaos all of a sudden righting itself. Hmmm...sounds like someone really intelligent may have had a hand in designing it.}

So, as it turns out, I'm a little ahead of the game on that point...and, I think that if we all tuned into ourselves and our bodies that maybe we would all realize that we crave winter foods in winter, summer foods in summer, etc?...I don't know...just a hunch.

Anyway, so here we are in summer, and I am happy as a clam. It's due, in no small part, to the fact that blueberries are in season RIGHT NOW! Last Friday was the first blueberry picking trip of the season...aren't they beautiful?

Blueberry picking has been a part of my summer for my entire life. I'm not sure why we didn't really pick anything else...but, blueberries are like the symbolic family fruit where I come from. Blueberry syrup, blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes...these are all wonderful. But, when the mercury starts to rise, and blueberry picking weekend approaches, there is one thing on my mind. Like a teenage girl waiting for her Sweet 16, or dew drops awaiting the dawn...I yearn for {frozen blueberries & milk}.

t's the easiest thing you can possibly imagine. After you wash your blueberries, lay them out to dry. (If you freeze them while they are still wet, they get all icy and mealy in the freezer.) After that pop them in freezer bags, and the next day you'll have the most refreshing treat imaginable. Pour some in a bowl, pour milk over them, add a touch of vanilla extract, and you have a bowl of summer yummy goodness that is better than ice cream, in my opinion. The milk freezes around the berries, making a frosty, slushy, healthy, gorgeous, just sweet enough bowl of bliss, and I am COMPLETELY smitten. When you throw in the fact that they are brimming with powerful nutrients, such as antioxidants, Vitamin C, Resveratrol, fiber, and manganese...well, it's clearly the front-runner in the race for my heart...not to mention my collagen matrix, capillary integrity, and overall free radical fighting ability:)

GO! RUN! Get some quickly!!!'ll want to experience this as soon as possible:)

Happy Summer my dear friends:)


  1. Darn. This post makes me wish I hadn't canned/dried my blueberries already. Of course the blackberries are beginning to ripen, so I may try the substituion. The quintessential taste from my childhood that I crave is black raspberries, frozen with just a touch of sugar sprinkled on top.

    Beyond our bodily cravings, there's something intensely satisfying about abstaining from grocery store food (hereafter referred to as GSF) and having that wonderful, seasonal item in it's own time. For me, it's tomatoes, above and beyond anything else. There is absolutely nothing as incredible as that first ripe tomato, usually a cherry variety that's still warm from the sunshine, that we split 4 ways so that everyone can have a taste. C'est si bon.

  2. Oh...I so agree! A couple of weeks ago, we were visiting my inlaws in Phoenix, and there is a grocery store there, that buys from a farmer down the street. I bought some of those tomatoes...I think about 6 of them. I fully intended on using them for meals...but, I couldn't! I ate every single one of them sliced up with S&P...oh my word...I'm salivating just remembering!!!



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