Friday, June 11, 2010

Updates & Ruminations

It feels good to be this space, I mean. We aren't home yet. We are, in fact, back in Phoenix, AZ. Sadly, my husband's father died on Tuesday morning, and so we came back here to be with his mom, and to say goodbye.

It is bittersweet, really...he was suffering, on that side of the coin, we are relieved that he no longer is. Thankfully, we were still in Colorado, and hadn't made it home,, it wasn't as long for us to make it here, to be with my mother-in-law. Please pray for peace and comfort for her, as she adjusts to life on her own, without her husband.

As for the business of this blog. I am feeling the need to really streamline the purpose of this venture, to make it more useable, helpful, and inspiring for those who are walking similar paths to that of our little band of three. I will be putting this together with much prayer and thought, and I would really like to get your input on the things that would be helpful to those who are seeking to make their family more this world that glorifies the splintered and broken family. Please leave me a comment about anything and everything that you would like to read about regarding the task of creating wholeness in your family, and yourself. I'm no should see my life, right now...but, I am willing to do research, provide anecdotal reference to situations as I have experienced them, and to open my experiences (with all the ups and downs) so that those who read can relate.

As to the second piece of business...I am probably going to be searching out a new route to monetize my blog...i.e. make money on it. I haven't figured this thing out well, yet, but I do know that I LOVE doing it. I want to be a successful blogger. To me, that entails being helpful and useful to my readers, growing my readership on a regular basis, growing a recognizable brand, drawing interest, and being able to make money & contribute financially...doing this thing I love. So, with that in mind, would you mind sending up some prayers for me as I consider all my options? And seriously....leave me some comments on a regular basis...anything! I will be trying on several new "uniforms" for The Whole Family, bear with me as I sift through new looks and formats, to find what fits best. I can't wait to hear from all of you...and to get started on this new face of family wholeness.

For are a few pictures of the last leg of our travels. I will be posting more trip thoughts, soon. I just have to get to the part where I know what those are:)

The famous Multnomah Falls...near Portland, OR.

Pike's Place market in Seattle, WA...

The most beautiful produce stand I've ever seen...Pike's Place market.

View from the ranch house porch...Brandon's grandparent's...Newcastle, CO.

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  1. Hey, good to see you're back! I like the new look for the blog. Also, what I find REALLY helpful is when you post simple practical solutions to life-type things that help simplify, and help move away from consumerism. For example, the post about natural cleaners, etc. I know I could use some help in that way.



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