Monday, June 28, 2010

The New Look!

I almost forgot to post about my new look! The concept for the new Whole Family Project logo just came to me one day while we were on the road. I think we were somewhere in the desert...and I was wishing I had a good look for my blog. Well, I came home with a VERY childish drawing of the concept in my head, and the brilliant Julie Sears (a.k.a my little sister) sat down for about 10 minutes and VOILA!...awesomeness!

It's sick, really...when the genes for creativity and computer savvy were being handed out in our little pool, I was apparently at the concession stand while my sister was stocking up. Don't get me wrong...I have some gifts, too, but mine are just not as obvious as hers:) She's a naturally talented crafter, entrepreneur, and digital designer, and she rocks! I'm hoping her company (JNS Designs, for now) will be the first sponsor on Whole Family Project.

After that, I sat down for about 4 hours to try my hand at making a button out of my new rockin' logo, and I got about half I said...concession stand. However, my husband is pretty techie,, he sweetly sat down and took over and in about 5 minutes...BUTTON! He probably could have saved me the 4 hours, but I'm bound and determined to figure this mumbo jumbo out for myself, because I'm stubborn like that, and the only reason I quit in the first place was because I was on my dad's computer, and I didn't want to pound his keyboard due to the fact that I was in that space where throwing a tantrum seemed fully justified and totally grown-up. Those episodes are truly some of my proudest moments. Anyway - all those unnecessary details aside...I now have a BUTTON!!! Please copy and paste the code if you have a website or blog and would like to support this one...I will do the dance of joy:)


  1. Hey! I LOVE your new logo! You so need t-shirts! ;) Sometimes our inner childs come up with THE best ideas and inspirations! Glad you followed yours! Take care! Alex@amoderatelife

  2. Hey Alex! I am shamelessly giddy over meeting new Hiiii! Thanks for following, and your t-shirt suggestion has created quite the buzz at Chez Project:) I think we are soooo going to be doing that...thanks!


  3. Love the new look!



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