Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Manic at the Museum

{looks mean, I know. but, we weren't actually successful at feeding him to the T-Rex}

Well, I'm not sure if you have ever taken your 3 year old son to the museum...but, if you are planning it, any time soon...I would like to share some wisdom with you, in hopes that you would be more prepared than I.

First of all...if you have visions of bond-building, scientific discoveries reflected in your child's bright eyes, dancing in your head...please remove them, promptly with a pair of pliers. Maybe it's just my kid...but, when there is a really intriguing demonstration of electricity, using a Vandergraff orb, going on...don't expect them to be wide-eyed and engaged. Maybe yours, too, would be the one kid that can't sit still, & likes to wander around the room, pausing only to block another child's view, while all the other children are plugged in and excited...

Or...maybe your child, when given the option of building wonderful structures & doing exciting experiments on kinetic energy or centrifugal force, would rather get a mouth full of water from one water table, only to run and spit it into another...

Or maybe your son also has an unbalanced amount of time with his mom, so the grocery store set up is infinitely more interesting than the construction area...

Or maybe, you'll find, like I did, that after all that...the urge to go the Sharks! presentation at the IMAX theater is most attractive for it's well-orchestrated napping potential...as you have not only had to chase your extremely fast preschooler around for the previous 2 hours...but, you've also had to do it, alone, because that other kid you brought with you...you know, the one that's almost 40...he was busy doing all the experiments, fort building, and museum participating that you had wished upon the aforementioned child.

Or maybe you have fun at the museum...different strokes:) Either way...I suppose it's best to realize this:


  1. Ummmmm, yeah! When we took the kids to COSI in Columbus, Ohio, the water area was a huge hit!

    Today we went to the Wright-Patt AF museum in Dayton and they had a great time. No demos or tours, please, just point us to the hands-on areas! The kids climbed in and out of F-16s, pushed buttons, landed jets on wooden carriers, flew helicopters. What a great day!

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