Monday, July 12, 2010

Me Mondays: On Passion & Drive

Good Monday to you all! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

I had a pretty good one...steamy, but good. It wasn't necessarily what we did this weekend, but rather that I realized something about myself. I know that I have found my purpose. I know it. This is going to sound really strange, but since I left high school, I haven't been passionate about much other than the people I love. I have always had a passion for my husband, my son, my family and my friends, but as far as outside interest...I haven't had it. I went to college at the regularly scheduled time...but, I dropped out, because I had no idea what I wanted to do. I had no direction...therefore, no drive. I think that's what the deal is...I haven't had any drive since high school music.

It dawns on me, that having drive translates to so many other areas of my life. I've been passing my "mood" off on a serious case of apathy, but I realize now that it's not for a lack of's just that there hasn't been anything that I have felt driven to do. I have been seeing my lack of "inner fire" as a personal character flaw, like if I could just get my act together, and behave correctly...I would be "that person"...the one that does things with gusto, and has zest, and brings her enthusiasm to her relationships, her home, her prayer, her marriage, and her interactions. I think I was wrong!

Now, I have to tread lightly here, because I believe in balance. I believe that you can create passion, and that you need to do what you know to do...not just what you feel like doing. But, this weekend, I realized that I'm am extremely emotionally connected to Real Food activism. I get down right teary eyed when I find out that Wendy's is hearing the call, or that we have made some kind of impact in Congress. I am driven to do things that I wouldn't normally do...take chances that I wouldn't normally take. I am NOT the kind of person that makes cold calls to ask for opportunities or possibilities...I don't "step out" to make things happen. However, if it has to do with the issue of Real Food...I am more than willing to do so. I am driven to educate, learn, promote, spread the word...and, I do it because I am genuinely excited...the enthusiasm is authentic! For the first time...well, ever...I feel like I am spending my time doing a job that is noble, good work, and that has the potential to affect real and lasting change for people. I am more than willing to do whatever it takes to make this a workable career for myself!

How This Fits in to the Whole Family

In keeping with the theme of Me Mondays, and focusing on ways to take care of ourselves in order to have what it takes to give the best to our's how this affects my role as a wife and mom: My husband is incredibly attracted to the intellectual parts of me. He has always made it clear that he has 2 favorite things about cooking, and the fact that I cherish wisdom...and, can succinctly communicate it when needed. He always challenges me to develop myself personally & philosophically. So, there's extra sparkle in his eye when he sees me branching out and talking fervently about Real Food...writing my blog, marketing it, getting even small measures of success...and getting feedback from people who are hearing the message. It does wonders when respect and admiration have a role in a relationship of 11 years. We've always had it...but, it can recede when there's nothing to get excited about. Seeing your mate live with passion is a very attractive thing.

Having something that keeps you driven is also good for your kids. First and foremost, my brain is challenged every day. I have been experiencing stagnation for the past several years. Certainly, there were circumstantial issues, but for the most part, I just didn't have a reason to apply my reasoning & critical thinking skills. Just the act of exercising my intellect has made me a more creative mom...not to mention, that since I have an outlet, it's much easier to not feel "trapped" or "lost" in motherhood. I want my son to have a joyful mom. That is a much more realistic scenario when I'm not wondering "where am I in all this?". I believe in being content with your role as a mom...but, I also believe that if God has given you the gift of a certain talent, or if He has put a desire in your have to find a way to invest in that, or you're probably not being the best mom you can be, anyway.

It's important to make our families know that while we are voluntarily and enthusiastically doing the work of caring for them, that we are also committed to letting ourselves be used for whatever other purpose God has for us. I want to be an example in that way, also. I want to answer "Yes!" to my other callings, as well. Of course...if it's ever at the expense of my family, I pray that God will find someone to call me into account, so that I can remedy it, immediately.

So...Real Food. That's where it is, for me. I can't wait to tell you about the progress that our region of the country is making...about all the wonderful and exciting things that are happening to further the cause. Good things are happening, folks...good things. Curious? This week's Real Food Wednesday is going to be full of wonderful resources and links:)

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