Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scenes From a Life: The Forgotten Asparagus

Well, it turns out that my last post on lemons came with collateral damage. I was so excited about blogging my first photos that I, apparently, forgot that I had asparagus roasting in the oven. We went about eating our lemon spaghetti and chicken with no thought to the lack of green on our plates. Sadly, I didn't even realize it until this evening, when my husband went to put potatoes in to bake. All those nutrients baked to death and lost's tragic. This doesn't speak well for my diligence in getting green veggies on the table every one noticed! Life lessons on better family feeding...and a moment of silence for the forgotten asparagus.

Speaking of family feeding...mine feeds my soul. They also exhaust pretense, here, but they are my most favorite part of life. Sometimes...and this is going to gag you...I can't get much done for sitting around and loving them. We are a trio that CAN'T stand to be apart. Don't get me wrong...I have my moments...but, on a general basis, we're a little obsessed with each other. They are the reason that I do everything, these my boys, and so in light of that...I suppose I ought to show them off! My husband is sleeping right now, and apart from the audio portion (ha!), it is one of my favorite shows:) So, in my new Edwina Camerahands mode...this is what I've done:

Gorgeous isn't he?

Well, this little pack of dyn-o-mite is my son, to whom I'll refer to, on this blog, as Bokie the Barbarian or Mr. Independent. (Bokie is a word he made up, and puts it in front of most words and phrases...i.e. Bokie mom, bokie dad, bokie butt, etc.) Just as I was about to write this paragraph and highlight the cute shots of him making his own chocolate milk...he drove up on his trash truck. It's a big toy...but, it's still no match for my VERY large boy. Little details to notice...he had to rip the cab off in order to steer the truck, and always...and I mean ALWAYS...steers correctly. I have no idea how he knows how to make a 3 point turn, or to back out of a tight spot...but, my husband and I stare at him in amazement (and terror!) while he correctly turns the steering wheel in the opposite direction and knows the precise amount of turns it would take to be straight at that point in his imaginary drive. While we are constantly on our toes, and challenged to the point of mental exhaustion as to how to stay several steps ahead of this can see on his face the stuff that feeds that prowess...unabashed joy, untamed wildness, and discovery...that sweet discovery. He is who God intends him to be...a conqueror, a warrior, an adventurer...and one of the most loving and communal people I have ever met!

I have an embarrassment of riches in my boys. I love being the woman in this little family. I love getting to laugh and stare in bewilderment at the house I JUST CLEANED, as it turns into a disaster area again, and snuggle with the guys who can't get enough of snuggling with me. Perhaps, those are the very reasons why it doesn't seem so daunting to sell most of our stuff, get in a vehicle and take a trek across our nation...adventure, discover, freedom, togetherness, conquering...and freedom from cleaning the house!:)

OH! and LOTS of snuggle time.

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