Monday, May 10, 2010

Flowers for Mom

Today is Mother's Day...and, the first time I have ever been without my mom on this day. Instead, I am sitting in a hotel room somewhere near the Napa Valley. I had a terrible day, and much of me just wanted to go home, today. To top it off...I didn't feel like a very good mom, today, myself. I suppose that not being able to be there with my mom made me feel far from home...and untethered. It feels weird not to be there...but, I'll have to say, when given the opportunity to be without, it makes me reflect on how much I appreciate her all the more.

My mom is a multi-faceted being...just like every masterpiece. I'm usually pretty wordy when it comes to my description of those that I love...but, this time I'll just show the evidence of my heart's dwellings on her from this trip. Every time one of these was mom was the singular thing on my mind:

Happy Mother's Day, mom. If I had had the chance to would have been you...there's simply no contest.

I love you.

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