Friday, May 21, 2010

Swiss Family Utterback

Ok. So, we did the coolest thing on Monday night!

We stayed in a treehouse!

When we were in California with some family, my cousin drew my attention to this Treesort in Cave Junction, OR. I expressed how fun it would be to surprise Brandon with a night in a treehouse, and so she decided to bless us by paying for a night's stay there! What an awesome gift...and it was even more fun than we expected! Here are some more shots of this amazing place...

This is only a few...there are zip lines & horseback riding...the fun is endless. We are hoping to someday get our whole family there for a reunion. It would be the most fun I could imagine! Thanks to Christine for the gift of this amazing time...can't wait to go back!

If you are ever's Out'n'About Treehouse Treesort in Cave Junction, OR. There wonderful people running it, and there are wonderful people staying there! It comes highly recommended by yours truly;)

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