Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Chair

It's a pretty simple philosophy. Japanese people, specifically in Okinawa, are some of the healthiest, and well-aged people in the world. Not to mention they have more centenarians than any other country on the planet. There are several reasons why this is, but the philosophy behind it is what sticks out to me. In this country, we aren't a "big picture" society. We bend and sway with every passing trend wave, and unfortunately, that doesn't end with our view on health and wellness. The Japanese, however, have a "whole" view of living fully. They view wellness as a chair. That chair sits on four legs which represent the different aspects of health...all carrying equal weight. The four legs represent :
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual
Each leg is equally as important as the others, and no leg can hold the chair up on its own...nor can the other three hold the chair up in the absence of one.
Interesting to say least. Try to think of one person you know who is physically fit, emotionally stable, mentally steady, and spiritually dead. OOrrrr, you could look at me...I'm emotionally stable, mentally steady, spiritually alive, but my physical fitness is, well, non-existent. So, as a result, my emotions suffer, my mentality spirituality is dampened. My life could be so much more. I guess that's why I'm doing this.
Food for thought.

  • If you want to read more about the Okinawa centenarians, read The Okinawa Program by Bradley Willcox.

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