Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Comic Relief

My son and I are watching Olympic men's figure skating last night. There are many flamboyant male skaters, but none more than the American Johnny Weir. He was wearing a self-designed outfit with hot pink cut outs, not to mention he has skin that is more perfect than a runway model. He's brilliant on skates, just, how do you say it?...MASSIVELY self-expressive! Anyway - my son is enthralled, giving his commentary in between practicing his own single toe loops, when he catches sight of Johnny. Here's the exact string of words that came out of my 3 year old child's mouth...

"OH! Look at that girl!, her's a guy. No, him's a girl...NO, now he's a guy. (furrowed brow) It's's's a GUY-GIRL!!"

(Back to practicing his single salchow).

My mom and I were crying.

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