Monday, February 22, 2010

Swimming... my thoughts, that is. I will be posting, soon...I promise. Something I wasn't expecting when starting this whole blog influx of information and questioning my way of life in places I wasn't even looking. There is much reflection happening...much real time shifting in my personal creed. I planned on this being a project of behavior change. I really didn't foresee it taking on a life of its own in my head and heart. Silly, I change is true if it doesn't involve a change in your head and heart. But, what I'm feeling goes beyond that. I set out to start making my own bread, yogurt, etc...I didn't realize I would begin to question everything that is important to me. I really thought this would be more of a food/health change. Turns's a complete life overhaul. Bear with me...I am gathering myself. This is how I work...I digest, I come to terms, and then I get clarity. Then I share...beware.

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  1. Aleisha,
    I am so looking forward to what you are discovering on your journey. AND I get to be a part of it and learn from your experiences. Thank you for being such an open-heart.



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