Friday, February 5, 2010

You say "Hippie" like it's a bad thing...

Here's the thing. I keep asking myself what I want out of this "whole" project. The issue with going whole in this society, is that you are at constant odds with the world around you. Those of us who believe in natural healing, whole food, getting back to basics...we live as antitheses to the relentless pressing to live conveniently, to keep keep consuming all they have to give.

My husband and I had a conversation a couple of months ago about the world our son will be a part of. I was lamenting that he will most likely never be required to look something up in a page and binding dictionary or encyclopedia, or for that matter, ever read a book that has a smell...or that he would even have to turn pages on. He will never NEED to look something up in a phone book. We began to talk about all the tasks that will be obsolete to him, as everything is becoming (or has already become) a push-button situation. We began to wonder if the idea of "effortless living" was something that we wanted to pass on to him. Really? What's good about not putting any effort into anything? I was more than a little moved to see the movie Wall-E...the people in the future never moving from their seats that do everything for them, that have no more bone mass left, never eat anything not processed, and can't even walk? WHY in the name of all that's holy would we want to live without effort? And what genius called that living? Let's explore just SOME of how this is working for us, so far:

Not 2 months ago, I read an article in the news about how the U.S. military officials were going to Congress to address an unprecedented issue. They needed help finding a solution to the fact that the young adults, usually fresh out of high school, that were coming into the recruiting offices were failing their entrance requirements at a startling rate. Why? Because they are testing too low on "basic intellect" and "physical ability". Basically...they're too dumb and too fat! We've all had dorky, less-than-athletic friends from high school sign up to be in the military, and then return after six weeks as Oh-my-word-they-made-him-hot? desirables, right? Break this down with me...the kids that are graduating high school RIGHT NOW, and are going into recruiting offices are so under-educated and so physically handicapped by weight, that they are NOT ABLE TO BE RECRUITED FOR BOOTCAMP! According to the "Ready, Willing, and Unable to Serve" report, put out by the Mission: Readiness group, "About 75 percent of the country's 17- to 24-year-olds are ineligible for military service, largely because they are poorly educated, overweight and have physical ailments that make them unfit for the armed forces, according to a report issued Thursday.

Other factors, such as drug use, criminal records and mental problems, contribute to what military leaders say is a major problem that threatens the country's ability to defend itself " Yeah...remember when flat feet was the issue? Uh, OK....I'm moving to my own island.

Seriously, though. Our country has made so many "medical advancements", and we have expert committees on everything from toothpaste to psychiatric drugs, and yet, we are placed 37th in the world (behind the Dominican Republic!) for the prevention and treatment of disease, according to the very latest stats from the World Health Organization. We have the FDA, the AMA, the OMGNHPAQ (Oh My Gosh Natural Health Practitioners Are Quacks) committee, the OMGMAM (Oh My Gosh Midwives Are Murderers) committee, the SYKFOEDWDLW (Stuff Your Kid Full Of Every Drug We Designed Last Week) committee...but, I ask are we doing? Are we healthier? Are we happier? Has all of our information made life better for anyone? Seriously...I'm in tears right now. I don't even have the energy to give you all the sourced stats...just watch your news, just read any newspaper, just go to any school and watch the children who are outside of it...just hear yourself screaming inside for reasons you can't even pinpoint.

I'm not happy. I'm not healthy. I feel like crap ALL the time. I have NO energy...EVER. I don't remember the last time I woke up feeling rested. I'm scared ALL the time...and I don't know why. I have so many wonderful things, and the truth is...half of them are constant sources of frustration for me. What's the deal? The deal is, I have a self-discipline problem that is exacerbated by the constant pull of the strings on my back...the puppeteers being those who decide who lives and who dies...those who decide what will be readily available in my robotic waiter that comes up out of the side of my fancy hover-seat, once they've finally killed all life on earth, and therefore have us right where they want us...sick, disjointed, and floating like space junk in a craft that is ultimately run by a computer! Every fiber in me rails against this...because I have a little boy, who grows like bamboo, and I want him to know a mama who has joy, and I want him to know how to chop wood, and how to cook a meal from scratch, and heck...cook a meal from scratch that he grew from scratch. And, (little peek into my conspiracy theorist mind, here) if and when the crap hits the fan...I want him to know how to survive. I want him to have resources beyond button pushing, and I want him to be thankful that his parents taught him how to live off of GOD's land...from HIS bounty. Heck, he could be the first president of the United Nuked States of America.

So, if you want to know why....that's why.

Note: sorry, my Georgia ran out of ink, so I had to switch to Verdana?


  1. I agree. I have also asked people why they believe if you are organic, natural, and want a more simple life for you children you can't be Christian?

  2. (Hi. This is Heather. Still haven't figured out how to make a user name for myself).

    This battle is as old as time. Aleisha you have accurately described the ever-present "spirit vs. flesh" battle. Jesus vs. World. Light vs. Dark.

    Living "whole" is entirely God's design. He sent Jesus to give us not only life, but ABUNDANT life... to give us measure upon measure of joy. This was not a metaphor. He meant it! God gave us glorious natural foods to enjoy, and this world to play in. He gave us curiosity and intellect so that we would strive to learn. He created our bodies to move and to to thrive. When we ignore these gifts, we die.

    But we've been trying to figure out an easier, "better" way all along. Trying to find the short cut, the Staples "Easy" Button for life.

    The Bible is full of sad stories of sad men who thought they'd one-upped God and found an easier way. Remember the "Rich Young Ruler?" "What must I do to be saved," he asked, probably thinking he'd done enough already, or had enough money to make salvation an easy acquirement. I imagine Jesus looked him full in the face, and heart, when he replied, "sell all you have and give it to the poor." Was Jesus messing with this guy? Was he intentionally jabbing him in a soft spot? Was he saying only poor and downtrodden people are for Me? No. But I believe he was pointing out that the path to righteousness is always at odds with the path of least resistance.

    So. Our world has chosen easy, quick, processed, lives. Is it any wonder that such a life nags at our souls? We were created for better. But we shouldn't be discouraged. God knew from the beginning - from the first bite of the apple - that this would be our struggle. He knew that "in this world, we will have trouble. But take heart! For He has overcome the high-fructose-corn-syrup-remote-controlled-i-phone-hands-free world!"

  3. AAAUUUGGGHHHH!!!! There has never been a better description of what I'm feeling, Heather. "...the path to righteousness is always at odds with the path of least resistance." Oh, that's it. It can't be said better than that! Thank you and I love you!



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