Friday, February 12, 2010

Comic Relief you will either completely relate to this next tale of woe, or you'll be thinking TMI. Either way, I don't personifies my life in a way that little else could.
  • The Scene: fresh out of the shower.
  • The Setting: humid bathroom.
  • The Protagonist: me
  • The Antagonist: my boobs (being that they are painfully large)
  • The Plot: trying to put on my bra.
  • The Climax: finally got said bra hooked onto my damp torso, trying to pull the straps up, and BAM!...punched myself in the jaw so hard that I literally saw stars.
  • The Resolution: airing this publicly, on the internet, in hopes that others will relate, in which case I won't feel like such a tool for giving myself a possible concussion whilst attempting undergarment application.


  1. HI-larious. And yes, I've similarly maimed myself in much the same manner.

  2. that I'm awake from temporary absence of conscienceness due to the lack of oxygen to my brain stemmed from the laughter....I can now go change my pants. Beautiful.

  3. Honey, I'm with you on this one! LOL Been there and DONE THAT!!!



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