Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Me Mondays (on Tuesday): Letting Go

First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of posts the last few days. Yesterday, we drove home from San Antonio, and when I got home, I spent my computer time doing research and sourcing equipment for my e-courses! That being said, I'm glad I didn't post yesterday, because today I was faced with a great subject that I believe most can relate to, and that is, in my opinion, pivotal to the process of making a family whole...especially in this society.

Today was my Costco/Whole Foods/grocery day. I was walking around, looking at all the stuff I normally get, and suddenly got really overwhelmed. First of all, most of the things I would have readily picked up, I stopped short of, because I'm "supposed to start making that." Other things I wanted to go for, I was looking at through a new filter...the one that is educated about what goes into making the product, and how damaging it is to health. To top THAT off, I was all of a sudden realizing the foods that would no longer be a part of our family's diet...some favorite recipes...others that might taste different. Let me just stop here and tell you...we are a family that is taste-obsessed! We're kinda like a taste clique. If it doesn't taste good...we will turn our nose up to it so fast, it would blow your mind. I hate admitting that...what with all the starving people out there. Seriously, though...I have brands that I like and I'm a texture elitist like you wouldn't believe. So, it poses a certain amount of bereavement when I think of having to reset my status quo. It actually kind of annoys me...which is the catalyst for quitting every single other thing I've ever done in my life. So, this time, I'm looking at my life, seeing the fruits of those times I've quit on myself, and realizing this: It sucks RIGHT NOW...EVERY day! I feel like crap all the time! I don't even want to know what a doctor's tests might reveal in my body. So what should annoy me worse...having to learn to like new food, and live a different way...or dying before I'm done raising my son? I'm not trying to be hyperbolic...you don't see this stuff coming...it's just steals up on you, one compromise at a time...and then BAM! your family is mourning you. Thanks anyway - but if I can prevent that...I'm going to. I'm just sayin'...can you imagine the person you love most in the world passing away, and then having to deal with the fact that they could have stopped it, if they had just done what was necessary? Y.U.C.K!

All things worth doing are daunting before you do them. Examples: rebuilding a broken marriage, losing 130 pounds, overcoming an addiction, becoming debt free, raising a child. However, you never hear a SINGLE person, who has lamented the absence of the things they had to let go of, in order to have the life they have afterward. In fact, most times, they can't imagine wanting the things they used to believe they couldn't live without. So, here's the thought for today...let's declutter our mentalities...all the unnecessary junk that is weighing us down...holding us back from the life we want...tell it goodbye, blow it a kiss, and move on. The first step away from something is always the hardest!

A year from now, I am going to write a post about how I just finished the Austin marathon with my best friend, and how I can't imagine wanting to eat commercial pasta ever again...mark my words!

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